Virgo Woman And Scorpio Man

Virgo woman is selflessly and gently devoted to the man she loves but it could be someone else than her life partner. A born home maker, she has splendid creative capabilities, loyalty, and unselfish character but again, these are for the man he loves who may or may not be her life partner. Scorpio man on the other hand is very protective of his lady love and will be dedicated to her in either love or family relationship without looking to others.


Virgo woman considers herself self sufficient and very efficient, at times wrongly though, but she will seldom admit her fault and is highly critical about others. This will not be liked by Scorpio who is loyal and very faithful to his lady love giving away his entire heart to her. But Scorpio man makes a great passionate lover and this can easily cover other shortcomings in the relationship. In life; Virgo woman and Scorpio man is an ideal combination as the woman respects the man and the man understands all the imperfections of his lady love. He believes that in relationship the partner should be accepted as she is and striving for perfection is a futile exercise.

However, at times he may hold back things without Virgo woman knowing it. Combination of the two is like poetry in motion with both partners floating in the excellence of relationship effortlessly. Both are introverts and owing to their shyness they cannot openly confess their love to each other. But once they feel safe in each other’s arm there will be no holding back. Scorpio has a complicated sexual nature with the combination of spiritual feeling with animal lust and passion. Love of Virgo woman comes in an unsophisticated manner and there could be a few awkward moments between Virgo woman and Scorpio man in lovemaking. The setback is small and temporary and in their great love and compatibility every such thing will be flooded away quite quickly.

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